We use interaction design & strategy to build awesome websites.

We're ETSUR, we build beautiful websites!

Technology is about experience, how people feel, use, and interact. We help forward-thinking brands that embrace this concept, build meaningful relationships with their target market on the web.

Etsur is a digital agency headquartered in Atlanta, GA, specializing in interactive design, strategy, and development.

Walk into our offices and you'll meet experts from across the spectrum excited to talk about our latest concept, demonstrate one of our new hot prototypes, or explain a brand new technique or strategy that's changing how people work on and use the web. Our culture is one of focused collaboration, fun original perspectives, and meticulous execution.

We don't dazzle our clients with reports full of quasi-meaningless data like many other agencies. We believe the only data that matters is what can be put into action, a concept is only as good as its execution. Our culture of idea-to-action allows us to execute projects like a well-oiled machine and focus on what matters most, bringing your goals to fruition.

ETSUR's clients are among the most acclaimed brands in the world, such as Warner Bros., CollegeBoard, Porter Novelli, Knauf, and BT. It's no wonder that through our innovative approach to the web and the user experience, ETSUR continues to be fueled organically and grow by repeat business and word of mouth recommendations.

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Attributes of an ETSURite

We're a little bit quirky and that's part of what makes us so awesome to work with. Here's a look at six attributes that really make us who we are:



We get excited about the latest technologies and coding techniques; you don't even want to know what we sound like at the water cooler! ETSUR's geeks come from a wide range of backgrounds including datacenter engineers, simulation game developers, and high-ranking GeekSquad agents.

Challenge Junkies

Challenge Junkies

We're not afraid of tackling seemingly impossible task - seeking challenges is just a part of our DNA. Overcoming obstacles is part of what makes our job so fun.



Developing better ways of doing things and solving unique problems are our bread and butter. We thrive on the light bulb moment and screen-cast our latest innovations to help teach other designers and developers about our newest ideas and techniques.

Team Players

Team Players

ETSUR is about collaboration. The best work always comes by approaching a task from more than one angle. We know our individual strengths, and that's what makes us such strong team.



We love our jobs and wouldn't trade them for anything, but we also like to take a break and have a little fun. We compete over finding the best new places to eat, love a good Porcupine Tree concert, and you really don't want to mess with our Starcraft II clan.



Aside from the fun we have, we take our work very seriously. It's our business, but it's also our passion. We put in that extra effort to get things done right.


Web Development

Our engineers push the limits of the web, we innovate new ways to engage and impact users. We utilize the latest web technologies and powerful, easy to use content management systems such as ExpressionEngine to provide the latest and greatest solutions.

Web Design & Strategy

Our approach to web design starts with a strategic marketing overview. We identify our client's milestones, obstacles, and customers, and use a balance of logic and emotion to achieve goals and appeal to the target market. Our designers, as usability experts, ensure a website is not only pleasing to look at but also increases conversions.

Branding & Identity

The most important marketing effort for any business is establishing their brand and identity. Our branding specialists are trained to craft and improve brands to convey the right information to the right people. Our brands build lasting, meaningful connections.

Our Process The Big Six

01 Discover & Explore

We begin by asking you about your company in order to learn about your industry and competition, and to define your obstacles and goals. This helps us narrow down your target market and establishes which facets of your website will help it stand out in your industry.

Discover & Explore

02 Creative Direction

Based on what we learned during the discovery phase, we transform our knowledge into an actionable plan to reach your goals and hurdle over those pesky obstacles. We identify opportunities and put together a rough blueprint of your project moving forward identifying: voice, visual themes, color, and type.

Creative Direction

03 Concept & Structure

Utilizing the creative direction and planning we begin developing concepts to achieve your goals. We wireframe your projects information architecture, setup sitemaps, mobile layouts, and engineer content relationships in preparation for the prototype & design phase.

Concept & Structure

04 Prototype & Design

This is where it really gets exciting. Simultaneously we develop your site's prototype and design the aesthetics based on the previous 3 phases. We assign two independent but collaborating teams to start executing your vision.

Prototype & Design

05 Integrate & Deploy

Once we have completed the prototype and design phase, we merge them into one consolidated solution. We begin to polish the finer details of your website through user testing and quality assurance reviews. Then, as soon as we receive the green light, we press a shiny red button and deploy your website to a live production server!


Integrate & Deploy

06 Manage & Grow

Once your site goes live to the public, we begin a comprehensive analytical evaluation of your traffic using state-of-the-art monitoring software. Using this information we gather over time, we will establish a roadmap for periodic enhancements and improvements to ensure your website is well managed and continues to see additional growth.

Manage & Grow